Take Time to Savor

christmas ornament

I think everyone will agree the holidays have come upon us exceptionally quickly this year. It’s mid November and there are already six inches of snow on the ground with more falling even as this is being written. My grandfather used to tell me that every year went by faster and faster. I didn’t understand that concept at the time but now that I’m 62, I know exactly what he was talking about.

As a business owner, the holidays are a time of busyness, extended hours, and excitement. But as a husband, father, and soon-to-be grandfather, the holidays are a time to cherish, reflect, and savor. It seems the retail industry has lost this concept. Thanksgiving Day feels more like a hurdle to jump over in order to arrive at Black Friday. And Christmas is no longer a season of joy, giving, caring, faith and family but of sales goals, overworked staff, and nonstop advertising.

My own personal philosophy is unlike conventional retail wisdom. At Swierenga Jewelers we won’t push, prod, up-sell, or pressure you. We’ll give you honest advice. We’ll help you find the perfect gift, in your price range, and wrap it for you. All in a warm, friendly, no-pressure, no-commission setting.

Whatever your plans for the holiday season, take the time to savor them. Relish time with family. Make memories you’ll cherish. And thank God for the gifts He’s given.