Gold Buying

With gold prices at record levels, now is a great time to turn your worn out, unused, or broken jewelry into cash. You’ve probably seen someone standing by the street waving you into a business that buys gold. So why sell your gold to a jewelry store like ours? When you bring your items to Swierenga Jewelers, you can trust you’re getting the best payout available. Unlike those pop up stores, we’ll sort and weigh your items, and give you an honest evaluation.

How it Works

  • Gather up your items and bring them in. The condition does not matter.
  • We’ll sort and weigh them. Typically we can do this while you wait. (If there are a large number of items or if some items need to be tested we may ask that you leave them.)
  • Our offer to you is based on the weight and fineness (gold content) of your items. If there are any stones in your items they are typically removed (if possible) and returned to you.
  • When you accept our offer we pay you in cash. It’s that easy!

In addition to yellow and white gold, we also purchase silver, platinum, and dental