Technology and Heirlooms

The day after Christmas a young couple came in to have  an engagement ring sized that was purchased online. It was so poorly constructed and of such low quality that I had to explain that it couldn’t be sized and would have to go back to the seller for service, which, of course, the seller was unable to provide.

Recently a customer told me his son, who lives out of state, had just spent $12,000.00 for an engagement ring online. He wanted to know if I thought his son got a “good deal”. My response was why would anyone spend that amount of money on something they’d never seen from a seller they’d never meet.

Tales like these are becoming increasingly common. Modern technology can be a wonderful thing. In fact, without it you wouldn’t be reading this. Technology allows consumers to be more informed, to have greater access to fashion and style trends, and yes, to even purchase jewelry without visiting a real jewelry store. But what technology can’t do is let you talk face to face with an expert you can trust, to try on, touch and hold that special gift, future heirloom, or cherished engagement ring. Technology can’t demonstrate value or quality. And technology certainly can’t help you with any service, adjustments, or maintenance. That’s why doing business with real people, in a real store, right in your community, has never been more important or of greater value.