Colors of Spring

I think it’s safe to say that anyone reading this is glad winter is past and warmer weather is finally here. Now is a most glorious time when the dull browns and drab grays of winter give way to the rioassorted-coloured-gemstones-1tous color bursts of spring. Flowers, bushes, and trees will soon be awash in color. I think springtime color is creation’s way of rewarding our senses after enduring the long winter.

Nature has also created permanent droplets of amazing color in the form of gemstones. From the royal blue of sapphire, the regal purple of amethyst, the luscious green of emerald, and the rich red of ruby, to the sunset orange of citrine and deep burgundy of garnet, there are gemstones displaying every conceivable color of the spectrum. And because gemstones last a whole lot longer than flowers or shrubs, you can enjoy your favorite colors every day, season after season, and year after year.

Colorful gems are beautiful whether set in a bold and contemporary ring or dangling delicately from a timeimagesless pendant or classic earrings. And many gems are surprisingly affordable. So this spring don’t let your garden be the only source of color in your life. Add creation’s most vibrant colors to your jewelry wardrobe as well.