5 Things Your Jeweler Wants You to Know

When choosing a new hairstylist, many of us take our cues from friends who have a great cut or color. Plus, we’re often willing to pay a little more than usual to ensure we’ get a “do” that helps us look our best and make a statement about who we are. So why would we do anything less when it comes to choosing a jeweler? They also provide a service that helps us put our best foot forward – for years to come!
Here are five important things to remember when considering where to make your next jewelry purchase:

  1. Trust and loyalty count. Fine jewelry and accessories help us mark or commemorate life’s most important moments, like weddings, anniversaries, new babies or other special occasions. When you develop a relationship with a jeweler who knows your story, they can help you match that watch, diamond or pendant with your personality or help you choose something that’s perfect for your loved one. There’s a certain level of intimacy and tenderness in this type of relationship. Sure it takes some time to develop, but it pays dividends.
  2. Knowledge is power. The more educated you are as a consumer, the more common language you and your jeweler can share. They can help to educate you, and you can feel confident you’re making a well-informed decision about your purchase.
  3. Understand the full importance (and potential price) of your purchase. Fine jewelry is not cheap, for you or your jeweler. Good jewelers have made a considerable investment to fill their cases with top quality stones and metals… that can’t be bought for a low quality budget. A good rule of thumb is “respect their investment and understand your own.”
  4. Be respectful. Just like you wouldn’t go into a hair salon in downtown Manhattan and demand a $20 cut, there’s a certain level of etiquette you should practice in a jewelry store too. This means that while your jeweler may value your relationship and want to be as helpful as possible, it can be off-putting to continually bring in jewelry items you purchased elsewhere and ask their opinion. You know how good it makes you feel when your jeweler remembers your story, and your loyalty can go a long way in return. (For more on this, refer to number 1.)
  5. Don’t forget maintenance. Fine jewelry is made to withstand the test of time, but it is also needs regular check-ups and cleanings to keep it in tip-top shape. Most jewelers are happy to professionally clean and inspect your items for free, and generally recommend you do this twice a year.