3 Brilliant Jewelry Hacks You Can Use Today

Now more than ever before, ordinary people are finding ways to create or fix things they never thought possible with just a few keystrokes or a visit to Youtube. “Do It Yourself” is not only a household phrase – it’s becoming a way of life. (In fact, DIY has its very own television network!)
The Internet is full of clever DIY hacks for cleaning, storing and securing your jewelry too. We’ve compiled some our favorites below. If you like what you see here, be sure to find us on Pinterest for even more brilliant ways to “hack” to your heart’s content!

    1. Store jewelry in everyday items lying around your house.

Your house is loaded with items that could find a second life in jewelry storage. For instance, most people have a stash of extra buttons hidden in their closet or junk drawer. Did you know they are a great way to keep from losing your earrings? This article on Real Simple encourages readers to use their spare buttons as placeholders in order to keep matches together. (Follow this link for more ways to ensure you never lose an earring again!) You can also use an ice cube tray or egg carton to organize jewelry – an inexpensive and stackable solution. And did you know you could use an X-acto knife to convert an old book into a secret storage container? Click here for DIY instructions or visit Uncommon Goods to buy one already made. Have we gotten your wheels turning? If so, here are 7 more DIY storage ideas you’ll be excited to try.

    1. Stop stubborn knots in their tracks.

Did you know a little sprinkle of baby powder could help untangle a chain? According to Good Housekeeping, simply work the powder into the knot and gently begin pulling the chain to loosen. Be aware you may need a pin to help finish the job, but the powder will help you get there. Be careful not to use too much or you’ll end up with a big cleaning job between each of the crevices! Click here for more simple ways to untangle jewelry.

    1. Never have to ask for help clasping jewelry again.

You’ve likely been there. You’re in a hurry and can’t seem to get your bracelet clasped on your own. If you don’t have a significant other in the room to help, you can use a paperclip instead! Unfold your paperclip so it looks like an S. Hook one side onto the catch of the bracelet and clasp it using your other hand. Take a look at what we mean here.

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