Four Secrets for Buying a Woman Jewelry

Gift buying can be a very difficult thing – especially when you want to choose something your partner will really appreciate or wear for years to come. In the case of jewelry, here are a few tricks to help you give a gift and hear, “it’s JUST what I wanted” in return!

  1. Perk up your ears and eyes. Even if you’re an attentive spouse or great listener, you may have never intentionally dialed in for clues on the type of jewelry your partner likes. Women often give very specific compliments to their friends about earrings or rings they admire – often with specific reasons why. Make mental notes of the things your partner mentions. And while it may be tempting to rush into a jewelry store and choose something you like, her most loved pieces are the ones that make her eyes sparkle. What does she look at or touch when she shops? Take note.
  2. Give a gift with meaning. Jewelry doesn’t have to cost a fortune or feature the biggest stone to be your partner’s favorite. If a specific piece holds sentimental value, it could easily become her most prized possession. For instance if you took a special trip, buy a jewelry piece that’s reminiscent of that time. Perhaps even something as simple as a charm in a specific shape can conjure up a sweet memory.
  3. Ask her close friends. Sometimes important conversations about what your partner likes happen out of earshot. But maybe your wife is going on a shopping outing with friends – ask one of her friends to take notes for you and make recommendations after.
  4. Do a little social media snooping. One extremely practical – and often overlooked – way you can find out what your partner really likes is through social media. Does she have a Pinterest account? She may have a jewelry board full of items she loves. She may also have “liked” certain jewelers or items on Facebook as well. This is a sure fire way to find exactly what she loves!