November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine


Topaz Gemstones the birthstone for November

Topaz is the primary birthstone of November and is available in a rich rainbow of colors. Though it has been known since antiquity, the Topaz has often been misidentified with the Citrine – the alternative November birthstone – for generations. Both gems were originally found centuries ago on a Mediterranean island known as Topazios. Since they were so similar in color (though different in size and form) they were easily and often confused. The Topaz’s most common colors are brown, yellow, yellow-gold and orange – all very similar to the shades of Citrine.

The most prized color of Topaz is called “Imperial Topaz” which features a stunning orange body color with pink undertones. This specific type is named for the Russian Czars of the 1800s.



Citrine Birthstone for November

November’s other featured birthstone is called Citrine – available in a variety of shades that range from a bright yellow to a deep, rich burnt orange color. The gemstone derives its name from the French word for “lemon,” a nod to its often bright, cheery color.

The Citrine is particularly popular because it is plentiful in nature and one of the most affordable gemstones on the market – often available in a wide variety of shapes, including very large sizes. In ancient times, Citrine was often carried as a protection against snake bites and evil thoughts – today it’s often associated with success or prosperity.