Five Ways to Freshen Up Broken or Boring Jewelry

Is there a small little corner of your jewelry box that never sees the light of day? Maybe it’s a pile of tangled necklaces or an old silver ring that’s long since past its prime. Here are some handy hacks you can practice to get those pieces back up to working order in no time. Your jewelry will thank you!

Stop tarnish in its tracks. Did you inherit a lovely set of real silverware from your Grandma but get tired of polishing it before Christmas dinner each year? Why not prevent the tarnishing all together? Simply place a piece of everyday chalk in the storage box along with the utensils. Same goes for silver jewelry! The chalk does wonders because it naturally absorbs moisture. Just add the chalk to your jewelry box and, voila! Change the chalk out for a fresh one every few months to get the best results.

Have jewelry. Will travel. Tired of untangling your necklaces and bracelets every time you take a trip? Try this simple fix. Lay the jewelry pieces out on a layer of Press’n Seal saran wrap with a little bit of space between each one. Next cover the whole thing with a second piece and press down to squeeze the saran wrap layers together. Once it’s pressed flat, feel free to roll it up to save space if you like. Your jewelry will remain secure and untangled no matter the miles you travel!

Undo a mess. Did you forget to Press’n Seal your jewelry before that road trip and end up with a tangled mess? No worries. Simply sprinkle some baby powder on your knotted chains and you’ll find they untangle much more easily. Sure you’ll have to clean the jewelry afterward, but the baby powder will provide just enough grit to get the job done.

Keep two traveling together. Every woman knows the disappointment of losing one of their favorite earrings. To ensure each pair stays together, try connecting them to a button! Slide the post through one of the holes and secure the earring back to the other side. Your pairs will stay together and be easily located if you throw them in a toiletries bag on your way out the door.

Give your jewelry new life. Have an old costume jewelry necklace you no longer wear? Or maybe you love picking up fun, trendy necklaces at your favorite retail clothing store but tire of wearing them a bit too quickly. Consider converting these pieces into a headband for something fresh, with his quick tutorial.