6 Classic Jewelry Staples Every Woman Should Own

When a piece of jewelry carries sentimental value or has been in the family for many generations, it should be worn proudly and treated with the respect it’s due. But other pieces — perhaps items that have gone out of style, or were purchased from a discount rack to be worn once with a specific outfit and were never thought of again — may find a better home outside your jewelry box. While those pieces are fun and have their place — there are a few versatile, classic staples that are literally worth their weight in gold. These jewelry essentials often go with your whole wardrobe and will always be on point, no matter how trends change. This list includes:

  1. Diamond studs. It’s often been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend — but diamond earrings can also be the best friend of your favorite sweater, formal gown or even Saturday t-shirt. They’re versatile, elegant, subtle and yet sparkly.
  2. A strand of pearls. The ultimate sign of elegance, a string of pearls can elevate any outfit and naturally create an air of timelessness and grace. Whether it’s a choker or a longer length, the impact is the same — pure and pretty every time. (Plus, they look great with any skin tone!)
  3. A cocktail ring. Nothing catches the eye quite like a statement ring on a gesturing hand. A large or bright cocktail ring adds a fun pop of color to a monochrome outfit, or dresses up a simple combination of jeans and a top. Add a kitten heel (or sneakers!) and voila.
  4. Chandelier/statement earrings. Perfect for a dressy wedding reception or a Friday night out with friends, dangly chandelier earrings make any outfit “going out” ready and draw just the right amount of attention.
  5. Bracelets for every occasion. Having a handful of bracelets to choose from can change the look and feel of any outfit. We recommend owning a cuff bracelet, a dainty, where-everywhere bracelet, a bold, iconic bracelet, and an elegant tennis bracelet.
  6. A pair of hoop earrings. Hoops can be as versatile as your tastes. Small, gold hoops can be worn on a daily basis — no matter the day’s events, and large, oversized hoops help an outfit feel fun and carefree.

Here’s a good rule of thumb for purchasing pendant necklaces or other jewelry: Stick to “universal” shapes like round or square. Star or heart-shaped items can pigeonhole a look and are unlikely to remain classic as times and trends change. And finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t have a few “honorable mention” accessories that are also great to have on-hand:

  • A long chain
  • A pendant necklace
  • A colorful, bold statement necklace
  • A classic watch
  • An everyday watch
  • Stackable rings