December Birthstones

If you live in a region that freezes over in the winter — like we do here in greater Grand Rapids, MI — the lineup of sparkly, blue-toned December birthstones are perfect to mark a birthday or special December-day event. While some are more well known than others, there are actually NINE stones considered to be official birthstones for December! Today we’re featuring the three most popular.



When most people hear of Zircon, their mind immediately goes to a vivid, Caribbean Sea-like lapis, but did you know Zircon also comes in green, dark red, yellow, brown, orange and even color-less. Thousands of years ago the Zircon was thought to bring prosperity, rest, honor and wisdom to the wearer. Today, it’s largely respected as one of the oldest gemstones on earth and is relatively inexpensive compared to many precious gems — making it an exquisite and reasonable choice.



Often a substitute for Sapphire, Tanzanite has become such an important gemstone that it was added to the American Gem Trade Association’s official December birthstone line-up in 2002. Sourced only from Tanzania, this beautiful gemstone carries a slightly purple hue and is extremely popular — especially considering it was only discovered in 1967.



Due to its porous qualities, Turquoise requires some special care — but for thousands of years, its wearers haven’t seemed to mind. This sky-blue gem provides versatility for every day wear, but can be paired with other precious stones to create ball-worthy statement pieces.


Don’t let winter weather give you the blues. Cheer up with a gorgeous December gemstone!