How We Create Custom Jewelry

Over the past two decades, the internet has revolutionized the way we create. From Youtube videos and tutorials to personal blogs from industry experts, just about anyone can piece together the skills to do just about anything… except when it comes to creating custom fine jewelry. Unlike most products you find in the marketplace today, jewelry is still handcrafted — by designers who are worth their weight in gold. Literally. There’s nothing simple about the way custom jewelry is created — even the smallest piece can be very labor intensive.

Expert jewelry artisans — like the team at Swierenga Jewelers — are a unique breed of craftsman. Through decades of training, experience and a natural eye for design, we create one-of-a-kind pieces, as unique and nuanced as the people who wear them. When you think about it, we’re able to create a piece of jewelry that is unlike any other on the planet. (Now that’s custom!)

Our Process

  1. Collaboration. The first step to creating a custom piece of jewelry is a conversation with our customer. They’re looking for something beautiful and meaningful, and in some cases uniquely functional as well. We ask questions, take notes about preferences and budget, and begin daydreaming together.
  2. Design rendering & feedback. The next step is creating a glorified sketch of what the final piece will look like. We present this to our customer, get their feedback and discuss any updates or changes they’d like to see made to the design. Our goal is always to create something even better than they imagined.
  3. Creation. Our favorite place is connecting with customers on the showroom floor, but there’s a special energy we feel in the studio. It’s a level of excitement that never goes away no matter how many pieces we create. Custom jewelry can be created one of two ways: by fabrication (reworking and modifying existing components) or by casting (creating a wax model, making a mold of it, and injecting precious metal into the mold). We utilize the process that makes the most sense based on our customer’s unique wishes, metals and gemstones.
  4. Final details. Does the piece need a special fitting before it’s finalized, or special engraving? That happens in our last step before presentation.
  5. Delivery. This is the step where everyone gets really happy. We love presenting the piece to our customer knowing it will provide beauty, joy and durability for years to come.

Ready to create your one-of-a-kind piece? We love to design from scratch and are also more than happy to reimagine or incorporate gemstones you already have. The possibilities are endless when you work with the expert team at Swierenga’s.