6 Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Ever spent an hour untangling a necklace chain? It’s even more annoying and inconvenient when you’re trying to get out to the beach or ready for a romantic dinner.


Here’s a quick list of hacks to ensure your jewelry travels as smartly as you!


  1. Keep it simple. While it’s tempting to pack more than you need “just in case,” less is more when it comes to traveling with jewelry. Pick everyday pieces that match most anything — basic stud earrings, hoops or a simple necklace. Planning ahead with just one statement necklace or earrings is perfect for that special event or elegant date night out on the town.
  2. Carry-on. Keep your jewelry safe by packing it into your carry-on luggage wedged between soft articles of clothing. Checked luggage often becomes lost and at times tampered with.
  3. Wrap it up. In a pinch, small plastic bags can work for carrying a single item, but investing in a jewelry pouch or organizer with compartments is best. If you have a pill box or empty metal mint container laying around — those work great too!
  4. MacGyver it. Surfing around the internet, we found brilliant hacks for storing jewelry using items you already have laying around the house (or recycling bin!).
    • For necklaces: Simply string one end of the chain through a drinking straw and attach the clasp. Goodbye annoying tangles! Or try sandwiching the chain between two pieces of Glad Press’n Seal wrap. So smart!
    • For earrings: Make small holes and attach earrings through a piece of cardboard, a section of plastic bag or a small styrofoam plate. They also fit nicely through the holes on a button. Just attach the backs and you’re good to go.
    • For bracelets: Just slide over the end of a toilet paper or paper towel roll and stack them up.
  5. Snap before you pack. For insurance or claiming purposes, be sure to take a picture of any jewelry items before you set off. In the unfortunate event they become lost or misplaced, a picture will help you identify the pieces and prove they are yours.
  6. Leave them at home. The best way to pack super sentimental or expensive pieces is not at all. Jewelry items left at home might be missed while you are gone, but they’ll be a weight off your mind. Plus, wearing a simple watch or band in place of your wedding ring will be much less appealing to anyone with ill-intentions. Why create unnecessary worries for yourself!? Make your vacation the most relaxing it can be!