The Ever & Ever Collection

Falling in love is a completely personal experience — so should be choosing the perfect ring! Everyone wants to find the ideal jewelry piece for the person they love. While it may feel like a tall order, we’re making it easier than ever. Swierenga Jewelers is the only jeweler in West Michigan to partner with Ever & Ever, a fully customizable bridal collection — where you’ll find exactly what you want down to the smallest detail.

With Ever & Ever — every aspect of your ring is 100 percent up to you — from style to stone to metal! Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Simply visit their site (or our store) to select the style you love. You’ll find hundreds of rings to choose from including solitaire, 3-stone, diamond bands and more.
  • Step 2: Customize the details. You can change the shape of the stone, metal color and more. Rose gold? Emerald cut? It’s all here. Plus, see pricing in realtime.
  • Step 3: Send it to us! When you’ve created just what you want, click the “send to jeweler” button and your design is sent straight to us.

It’s almost too easy. Curious? Click here to view the complete Ever & Ever collection. We can’t wait to create the perfect ring for the love of your life!