Top Jewelry Trends for Spring 2018

With each new season, designers drape their models in catwalk-ready styles that make a bold statement on the runway. But have you ever seen the photos and felt like the looks are outlandish or unattainable? Our goal in sharing this Spring’s biggest accessory trends is to help you distill some of the season’s top runway looks into wearable styles anyone can totally rock.

If there’s one word that encompasses the overall Spring trend it’s “statement-making.” Large, asymmetrical, embellished, bold. Apparently Spring fashion is coming in like a lion. Here are the highlights:

Earrings are having a real 80’s moment.
Remember those bulky, sculptured, chunky (and often plastic) earrings all the “punk rockers” were wearing back in the day? They’re back — but they’re better. Think transparent, crystalline drops of water, sculpted into cuffs that follow the shape of the ear, or tiny, sparkly disco balls dangling on the end of long, skinny chains that cascade past the shoulders. Unexpectedly chic, playful and versatile. Many of the featured looks could easily work with a party dress, or a t-shirt and jeans. And if you’re feeling really bold — mismatched earrings are expected to be everywhere too.

Layer up for spring.
For several seasons now, layered rings, bangles and necklaces have been making the rounds. This year, they’re back again but bending all the rules. Layered necklaces are becoming ultra thin and delicate, while bracelets are becoming more chunky, even “chain-linked” in style. The more the merrier.

If it ain’t Baroque…
Also experiencing a comeback this season are neo-Victorian styles we saw in the mid-90s. Make a statement with oversized chandelier earrings, baroque pearls or any Victorian-inspired piece. If it’s elegant but bold, it’s walking right off the runway.

Honorable mentions.
While our focus is always on jewelry, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention a couple other accessory trends on the horizon. Sleek, skinny “tiny sunglasses” are going to be all over the beach this summer, as well as transparent shoes and handbags.