5 tips for choosing a bridal ring set

Ask anyone who’s planned a wedding and they’ll tell you falling in love was the easiest part! With so many details to sort through and decisions to make, it can all feel a little overwhelming. So today, we want to help simplify step one for you — purchasing the rings! Here are our top 5 tips for choosing the perfect bridal set.

  1. Narrow the playing field. When shopping for the perfect engagement ring (and bands to go with it), the options are nearly endless — so it’s important to take some time to familiarize yourself with what’s out there and narrow the list down to a few favorites. Are you picturing a simple, elegant band or one with embellishments? Are you open to more than one metal? How do you want your engagement ring and band to fit together? Does your partner’s ring have to match?
  2. Consider buying your engagement ring and bands at the same time. A lot of people choose to buy their rings separately, (perhaps the engagement ring is a surprise but the fiancé wants to give more input on the band), but purchasing them at the same time not only simplifies the shopping by checking another item from the wedding checklist — it may help you to think through the set as a whole too. Also, if you already know you’re going to have a unique engagement ring, you may want a more simple band to accompany it or vice versa. Or perhaps you’re only planning to wear a wedding band — buy both of yours at the same time and be done!
  3. Consider the details. Think about the contour of the band and how it will fit with the engagement ring. Many women prefer the symmetry of two matching rings, with diamonds of the same size and shape, or at least the same metal. Does it need to interlock with the engagement ring, or simply sit snugly against it? If you’re planning on wearing the wedding band alone from time to time — take that into consideration as well. It may mean you choose a more intricate style that will look great alongside your engagement ring or on its own.
  4. Reflect your personal styles. There’s no rule that says you have to choose rings that match. Your engagement ring and wedding bands may feature three different metals or styles and that’s okay! With more options than ever, she may have a simple white gold diamond band and he may choose a titanium ring with wood inlay! The key is choosing rings that reflect the couple (and individuals) you are. Be sure you’re choosing things you’ll love for years to come.
  5. Think long-term and lifestyle. It could be tempting to buy something you really like right now — but it’s too trendy or doesn’t make sense for your lifestyle. You’re going to wear your wedding rings every day of your life — so they need to work seamlessly with your day-to-day lifestyle. If you exercise often, work with your hands, play sports or an instrument, you may want something super simple and solid, possibly with very low prongs or maybe no gemstones at all. Choose the right metal for durability and consider how weather may impact your choice down the line as well. It’s helpful to consider how hot summers, cold winters, or future pregnancies with inevitable water retention, may impact the fit of your ring and make sure you’re buying the right size.