The Gem that Caught Princess Diana’s Eye

From the desk of our Gemologist

September’s featured gem is the sapphire. When you think of sapphires, you probably think of deep royal blue. However, sapphires come in every color under the sun… except red! There is no such thing as a red sapphire. Why is that? Because a red sapphire is a ruby! Sapphires and rubies come from the same family (corundum), but the red to reddish colors are classified as rubies.

Sapphires have been very popular throughout history. They have symbolized such things as nobility and truth, and blessings from heaven. The most famous sapphire ring was Princess Diana’s oval sapphire and diamond engagement ring, which she personally selected from many gem choices given her by Prince Charles for their engagement. In 2010, the ring was presented by Prince William to Kate Middleton when he proposed.

Some sapphires can display what is called “asterism.” This means the sapphire will display a star-like effect.  We know them as star sapphires, or Indie stars. This unique experience is unlike any other. It’s amazing to see what different gemstones can do!

Sapphire is one of the harder gems with a ranking of 9 on the MOHS scale. They still can be susceptible to damage. We recommend coming in every 6-12 months to ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime!

Pictures via gem encyclopedia