How to wear statement jewelry and accessories

Do you love the look of a striking statement piece, but you’re just not sure how to pull it off? Styling help is here!

Statement jewelry and accessories have always made a splash in fashion because they can instantly elevate an outfit from drab to fab — but pulling it all together requires a little bit of finesse. According to local personal stylist Olivia Fitzpatrick of LivStyled, “The key to wearing statement jewelry or accessories is to let the item speak for itself!” In other words, keep the rest of your outfit simple and punctuate the look with your one striking addition of choice — whether it’s a pair of earrings, a necklace, scarf or belt.

While a fun statement necklace can transform a basic tee and jeans into party attire, there are lots of ways to incorporate pizzazz wherever you want. Here’s what Olivia recommends,

“Choose a contrasting color to make your statement piece pop, but remember not to clutter things up with a busy pattern or heavy layering. A solid color or soft, complimentary pattern will allow a necklace or scarf to stand out and make your outfit memorable. I like to pair mine with a basic solid on top, and tie in a simple pattern or color on the bottom — selecting the right pants, skirt or shoe can help make the outfit cohesive without competing.”

Here are a few basic rules of the thumb to keep in mind:

  • Statement necklaces that are short work best with V-necks, and rounded or scooped necklines if they’re long. But, you can also tuck a statement necklace under the collar of a buttoned-up blouse for a chic, sophisticated look. (There are loads of free guides and visuals online to help you find the right length for whatever necklace you’re wearing. Just Google “necklace length cheat sheets” online if you’re not sure!)
  • If you’re wearing other jewelry in addition to your statement piece, remember to keep things proportional and subtle. If you’ve chosen a large, bauble necklace, keep earrings and rings simple — and consider skipping a bracelet all together. If you’re wearing a completely black outfit — think about what you want to feature. A statement cuff or bracelet with matching heels makes a fun and interesting look.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of statement earrings. Countless red carpet events have featured women wearing a gown, earrings and no necklace at all. The right earrings are completely capable of being the star of the show.