13 Jewelry Hacks You Can Use Today

We’re all looking for ways to simplify our lives and having a few helpful hacks in our back pocket can make a huge difference. Check out 13 of our favorite hacks for buying, storing and caring for your jewelry.

  1. Use a paper clip to help fasten a bracelet. Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to latch a tricky bracelet by yourself? An uncoiled paper clip can do the trick. Start by opening the end of a paper clip and hooking it into one of the links at the end of the loose chain. Hold the clip with the same hand you need to wear the bracelet on. Loop the chain around your wrist and hook the clasp of the bracelet on the appropriate link.

  2. Ring stuck on your finger? Use Windex! Simply spray Windex around the ring and some on the knuckle as well. Slide the ring back and forth to lubricate under the metal and wiggle your finger out. Be sure to test the Windex on the underside your ring before you spray liberally as some metals may react.

  3. Use clear nail polish to ward off tarnish. Costume jewelry is fun to punch up a simple outfit, but it can tarnish unattractively. Simply paint on a thin coat of clear polish over your jewelry and allow it to dry fully before wearing. (Need help removing some existing tarnish first?)

  4. Make necklaces longer by adding a bracelet. If you don’t have a chain extender handy, you can easily lengthen any necklace by adding an old bracelet or anklet to the end of your necklace instead. Simply hook the corresponding clasps to each open end and you’re ready to go. No tools necessary, and removal is a snap.

  5. Heal sensitive lobes from within. Sometimes sensitive skin can react painfully to costume jewelry or certain metals. If your ears are feeling tender, simply smear some Vaseline onto the posts of your earrings before sliding them into your ears.

  6. Avoid discoloration of your jewelry. The three biggest culprits that ruin the finish of your jewelry are sweat, salty ocean water and perfume. Always aim to remove your jewelry before working out, swimming or spraying your favorite scent. (Here are some other helpful Do’s and Don’ts of responsible jewelry wear.)

  7. Keep hair out of your necklace clasp. Sometimes certain clasps just aren’t compatible with longer hair. To avoid the annoyance and lost hair, simply cut a small piece of straw and slide it onto the end of your necklace, just past the clasp. Hook necklace closed, then slide the straw bit back securely over the latch to create a buffer.

  8. Find your ring size at home.

  9. Keep necklaces from tangling in transit. Here are a couple of ways to avoid future tangles. First, simply loop one end of your necklace through a straw, feed it through, and clasp the ends together. If your chains are thin, you can pass more than one through the same straw to store multiple chains together. A second way is by sandwiching jewelry between two pieces of plastic wrap. Lay a square of plastic wrap on a flat surface and place jewelry pieces individually on top with at least one-half inch between items. Cover with a second square of wrap and push to seal together between jewelry and outside edges.

  10. Never lose another stud earring again. Here are three clever earring storage hacks: 1. Hook your pair of earrings through two of the holes on a button and store in a secure place. 2. Store small-to-medium sized earrings within the compartments of a pill storage box. 3. Use an ice cube tray to organize and store earrings, necklaces or rings.

  11. Buy darker colored costume jewelry. When it comes to fashion jewelry, the darker the metal, the better quality it will appear. Avoid anything excessively shiny and your bargain jewelry will look more expensive.

  12. Use an old bottle or vintage vase as a jewelry stand. Simply slide bracelets down over the narrow portion of the container and stack them up, place small brooches down inside, and dangle long earrings along the edge.

  13. Untangle a knotted chain. If you’ve ever had to untangle a chain, you know it can be time consuming. Instead of wrestling with it, place the knotted chain a bowl and generously sprinkle on some baby powder. Toss to coat the knots and give them a little tug. The knots should be slippery and loosen up more easily. You can also use a straight pin to work them loose. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a lint free cloth. (You can also use baby oil to do the same thing, but it may be more difficult to clean off the jewelry afterward.)