A Birthstone for Business and Pleasure

From the desk of our Gemologist

February’s birthstone Amethyst (SiO2) has a color range from light lilac to a deep, rich purple. Because of the stone’s wine-like color, the Greeks derived its name from the word “amethustos” which means “to prevent drunkenness.” This makes sense since the Greeks drank out of amethyst wine glasses.

Legend states that the amethyst has properties to keep you clearheaded in battle and quick witted in business affairs. No wonder we love amethysts! Today, the stone represents daringness, royalty, dreaminess, and passion. St Valentine even wore an amethyst ring with Cupid carved into the stone.

Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family. Today’s amethysts are mined in Brazil, Uruguay, and Zambia. These mined stones can be very large. In fact, if you visit the GIA museum in Carlsbad, California you can see a double-terminated amethyst crystal weighing in at 164 lbs!

Amethyst ranks 7 on the MOHS hardness scale. We recommend coming in every 6-12 months to ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime!

Pictures via gia.edu gem encyclopedia