6 Savvy Bridesmaids’ Gifts They’ll Cherish

Like fruitcakes at Christmas, the gifts for your bridesmaids (and dresses!) have developed a decidedly negative reputation over the years — as the thing you’re likely to get but may not love.

Since a popular wedding season is right around the corner, we thought it might be helpful to provide six fun and unexpected ideas to get your wheels turning. (We are also presenting a range of pricing options so you are sure to find something awesome that will fit any budget.)

  1. Make it personal. Monogramming and personalization have become super popular in recent years because they carry a special degree of individuality. You can find loads of custom wine and water tumblers, and why not consider this adorable and sturdy bag that’s perfect for the beach, books or even a quick overnight trip away. Plus, at less than $13 a piece — you can’t beat it!
  2. Super-size the handwritten note. This sweet little journal will allow you to tell your bridesmaid just what she means to you, with plenty of prompts and blanks to help you figure out just what to say!
  3. Be golden. This hilarious graphic tee features a hashtag and all four Golden Girls — what’s not to love?! Your bridesmaids will love layering this tee under cardigans in the winter or throwing it on for a laid-back summer day trip to the lake.
  4. Make up is a girl’s best friend. Everyone loves a Sephora giftcard! Choose the right increment (available online up to $250!) and pop it inside a hand written card.
  5. Plant ladies unite. We can all agree that fresh plants in cute planters are having a moment right now. And while everyone in your bridal party may not have the greenest thumbs, you can definitely find something anyone could keep alive! Some of the heartiest and most low maintenance plants available are aloe vera, snake plants, jade and the rubber plant.
  6. Something shiny. If you ask us, giving a piece of jewelry is appropriate for every occasion — especially a wedding! Here at Swierenga’s, we have a wide selection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings in a variety of styles. You could choose one matching item they’ll all wear for your big day, or pick individual styles based on what each member of your bridal party loves. Come by and let us help you find the perfect shiny thing for your special group of girls!