8 Ways to Wear a Brooch Without Looking Dated

Brooches are traditionally worn on the shoulder, to secure a neck scarf, or near the lapel, but there are plenty of fun ways you can incorporate a vintage brooch into your wardrobe without looking dated or stuffy… you just have to think outside the box and maybe take a little risk!

  1. Create a choker. Using thick ribbon or a narrow length of cloth, swoop the fabric snuggly around your neck, and clasp it to the side (near your collar bone) with a choker. You can keep the ends of the fabric clean and tucked in or cut them on the bias and leave them long to create an asymmetric look.
  2. Complete your updo. Looking for a chic finish to a formal gown? Keep your jewelry minimal and add a large brooch to your hair instead. Sweep a section of hair behind your ear and affix it with a thin barrette or bobby pin, then place a large brooch over top to conceal the metal clip for a dramatic and elegant side-swept look. You can also use an old unused clip-on earring if that works better!
  3. Upgrade a simple bodice. If you’re wearing a strapless gown or have a simple neckline that gathers across the chest, you can complete the look by adding a brooch in the very center.
  4. Accentuate a gather. Many wrap style and formal dresses feature a gather across the waist. If your outfit doesn’t also have a waist tie, try placing a sparkly brooch just above the hip to create a little added visual interest.
  5. Create a focal point. All kinds of hats will be popular this summer. Turn yours into a real stunner by pinning a vintage brooch to the front or side to make it unique and memorable.
  6. Shoulder the load. Structured shirts and jackets with pronounced shoulders are making a big comeback. Create your own military-inspired look by using multiple small brooches pinned strategically on the front of each shoulder. They’ll instantly add flare to a simple shirt or dress up a blazer.
  7. Bedazzle a jean jacket. Everyone is wearing jean jackets this spring, and the front collar is a great place to add a little pizzazz — especially if your coat is distressed.
  8. Doll up a sleeve. Any button front shirt can be worn year-round if you cuff the sleeves. Why not secure them with a little unexpected bling? This would work well on a lightweight blazer too!

As you can see, there are many ways to create a dramatic look without adding additional make up or larger accessories. Just one strategically placed brooch can give you a real bang for your buck — and a totally one-of-a-kind look.