The quintessential Valentine’s Day gifts include chocolate, wine, flowers and jewelry. And while some of these gifts can be picked up on the way home from work on February 14th (not recommended), jewelry purchases require a little more preparedness. But alas, there are always those last-minute shoppers.

Luckily, we’ve prepared for this. And remember, we’re here for all your last-minute gift suggestions.

1. Symbols of Love


Jewelry is an expression of oneself. And symbols do the same. So it only makes sense that symbolic jewelry is an ideal way to show individuality and character. Whether by religious tokens, hearts, arrows, or animals, symbolic precious metal fashion pieces are some of the hottest 2020 Valentine’s Day jewelry trends.

2. Regal & Floral Designs

Regal and Floral Designs

Your valentine is a princess. She deserves the royal treatment. These regal and ornate designs will highlight her poise and style. It’s all about the tiny details in this year’s Valentine’s Day jewelry trends

3. Personalized Jewelry

No two people are alike. Every woman wants to feel one of a kind. Jewelry can capture her essence and individuality. And while time is running short for custom engraved or monogrammed designs, consider initial rings, necklaces, or birthstone stackables.

4. Classic Pearl Trends

Classic Pearl Trends

You just can’t beat the classics. Pearl jewelry reappears year after year as one of the top Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts. They’re timeless, refined and tasteful. These beauties transcend the garden of time and add a tasteful touch to any look.