4 Tips for Bringing Along Jewelry on Vacation

Summer is finally here and so is vacation season. We want to help you pack!

Whether you’re traveling internationally or taking a weekend road trip – suitcase space is of the essence. For clothing, your goal should be to pack a mini-capsule wardrobe: a small selection of items that work well together and can be interchanged to create various outfits. Think breathable, lightweight comfort and layers.

And what about accessories? Here are four of our best tips:

  1. Avoid risk. While losing a beloved piece of jewelry is always a possibility, travel and interruptions in your normal schedule can put you at greater risk. Unfortunately, theft is also a possibility.  When it comes to costly or sentimental pieces, your best option is simply to leave them at home. You can always wear a simple band in place of your wedding ring or purchase a silicon one for the beach. And traveling is also a great time to pick up a pair of gas station sunglasses you wouldn’t be upset to lose.
  2. Pack versatile pieces. One of the smartest accessories to pack for a trip is a long-beaded necklace, because you can wear it long, loop it around your neck a couple of times to create a choker, or even wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet. You may also choose to bring very simple studded earrings or a pair of hoops sure to match any outfit.
  3. Store it smartly. No matter how many jewelry pieces you decide to bring along, here are some very budget-friendly hacks you can use to avoid tangled necklaces or missing earring backs!
  4. Hold onto it. The safest place to keep your jewelry is on your person. Whether you’re wearing it or carrying it – be sure to keep anything valuable in the bag you’re carrying.