Diamond Styles for Every Taste

If you’ve ever shopped for a diamond (or coached someone else you were hoping to receive one from), you’re familiar with the famous “4 Cs”: cut, clarity, color and carat weight. These universal guidelines were developed to grade and judge a diamond’s characteristics and are used to determine its market value. And while no two diamonds are exactly alike, the 4 Cs can help to categorize diamonds with others they are most like and provide a price point to suit most any budget.


On their own, diamonds are beautiful — but when placed in a setting that fits exactly within someone’s personal tastes — they become exquisite. So how do you find the diamond engagement ring that goes beyond the 4Cs to become the perfect ring for that perfect finger? Here are a few things to consider:



Did you know there are almost 20 possible settings from which you can choose? The most common and classic is the prong setting characterized by 4-6 little metal claws (called prongs) that rise from the band to hold the diamond tightly in place. They can be rounded, pointed, flat or V-shaped and are most often used with a solitaire diamond. This setting is so well loved because its minimal simplicity allows the diamond to take center stage. Other popular settings include: halo, tension, antique or vintage, three stone and cluster.



Just like any industry, popular trends pass through the bridal world! It’s important to consider the timelessness of a diamond’s shape before purchasing it. Will it be something you like to wear for years to come? Would this engagement ring make a lovely family heirloom that could still look fashionable and classy 60 years from now? Some of the most common and popular diamond shapes include: Round, Princess, Oval, Marquise, Pear, Cushion, Emerald, Asscher (square) Radiant and Heart.



We have covered the variety of metals available for wedding sets in some of our other posts, but here are a few of the most durable and fashionable metals available for engagement rings today: Platinum, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, silver, titanium and tungsten. Click the links to learn more about these metals.



The most common diamond is white, but did you know they come in a variety of colors including blue, yellow, red, pink, green, orange and even purple, brown or black? It’s truly possible to find a ring that’s as unique as the person you’re shopping for!


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